Frost Custom Residence

  • Client: Andrew & Celia Frost

  • Contractor: Owner/Builder

  • Location: Hart Prairie, Flagstaff, AZ

  • Type: Custom Residence

  • Size: Original: 1360 SF Livable + 560 SF Shop, With Addition: 2950 SF Livable + 240 SF Shed

  • Cost: Unknown

  • Schedule: Original Design & Construction: 2009, Addition Design & Construction: 2017-2018

  • Features: Efficient thermal envelope, Off-grid features include: Passive Solar Heating, PV Electrical, Natural Daylighting, Water Tank Storage, & Rainwater Harvesting.

This small custom off-grid home in Hart Prarie was designed for a young couple with sustainability in mind. The owner wanted to construct the house from straw-bale, a material that Principal Architect Paul Moore is very familiar with, having constructed his own home from the same material. This original 1360 sf home has 2 bedrooms, one bath, living, dining, kitchen, and a loft space. A detatched 560 sf shop space was also designed and built in the same manner.

The 2017 addition was designed to expand upon the original residence design eight years prior. The wood-framed addition of a large living area and mudroom connects the existing residence to the existing shop space that was remodeled to be the master bedroom ensuite. Since there was an elevation difference between the two existing structures, the whole house is sectioned at different levels. Large overhangs to the East and West of the master bedroom protect outdoor patios from the elements. A large storage shed with drive-thru access was added to the North for snowmobile storage.