Mother Road Brewery TI

  • Client: Mother Road Brewery

  • Contractor: Unknown

  • Location: Historical Southside Downtown, Flagstaff, AZ

  • Type: Commercial Tenant Improvement

  • Size: 3350 SF

  • Cost: Unknown

  • Schedule: Design: 2010-2011, Construction: 2011

  • Features: Preserved Historical Building Shell

“PWMA assisted Mother Road Brewing Company in taking its vision of preserving the industrial nature of the Milum Building while making pragmatic suggestions to create a functional brewery and intimate Tap Room space.”

– Michael Marquess, Chief Beer Officer

Mother Road Brewery designed and built as a tenant improvement in the historic Milum Building is in the up-and-coming historical South-side neighborhood. The brewery, a quickly expanding business, produces several varieties of fine beer. Although much of it is shipped around the country, a small tap room and pleasant patio serves locals and visitors on-site. The brewing and taproom occupy the same airspace, as the owner firmly believes in sharing the olfactory brewing experience with Mother Road’s patrons.