The Volunteer Barn is a new facility designed as a home for the support staff for all of the volunteer activities provided by the
Grand Canyon Trust. These activities typically involve lengthy trips requiring extensive supplies. The project received recognition by the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program.

The owner’s representative, approached PWMA regarding the execution of construction documents for a new facility at Grand Canyon Trust, based on designs that they had produced in-house. The new building serves as staging for off-site volunteer projects. It houses storage and loading/unloading activities, as well as meal preparation. The unique program required specific detailing.

Paul Moore, as Project Architect, developed the final design and detailing, while coordinating Mechanical. Plumbing and Electrical Engineering. Structural Calculations were provided by PWMA, since it is a small project with conventional wood frame construction. Site Planning including grading and drainage and a permeable paving system were also provided by PWMA.

Unique features of the project include drain back plumbing, since the building is not used year round and Kitchen facilities that meet Health Department requirements for the meal preparation. As part of a well known non-profit with offices on this site, which inhabit an historic home, this primarily functional building, also needed to be aesthetically consistent with its adjacent neighbor.