Arcosanti East Crescent

  • Client: Cosanti Foundation

  • Contractor: Construction Department of Arcosanti

  • Location: Arcosanti, AZ

  • Type: Arcology
  • Cost: Unknown

  • Schedule: 1970 – Ongoing

  • Features: Passive solar maintenance, Mixed-use spaces

The East Crescent is comprised of unique multi-bedroom apartments and offices surrounding a tiered outdoor amphitheater.

Builders of Arcosanti

How can I express my gratitude to Paolo Soleri for the opportunity to call myself a builder of Arcosanti, for the experiences at Arcosanti have been as much builders of myself. This is the place where I first came as a young student and have returned many, many times and now am able to bring my daughter, who begins again to experience that which can only be found at Arcosanti. It is the place where we are able to see, touch and taste: 1.) a large scale human built environment co-existing, in great proximity, with the natural world; 2) a real and physical outcome of a concentrated singular effort of the mind; 3) and an open environment available to a multitude of human exercises, performances and endeavors, not to mention the casual gathering of community. In as much as I have contributed with many, many others, in some small way, to the construction of a new kind of place-making that extends the potential of human possibilities in no small way, what I recall are a flood of life experiences. These events have sparked new pathways in shaping my life and have expanded my notion of what is possible. It is this opening up of possibilities that we are building in the midst of the Arizona desert.

What else can I say, but thank you Paolo and all the other collaborators to follow.

Paul Wm. Moore
Flagstaff, AZ
October 2009