Aumack/Logan Custom Residence

  • Client: Ethan Aumack & Rosemary Logan

  • Contractor: Unknown

  • Location: Pine Cliff Dr. Flagstaff, AZ

  • Type: Custom Residence

  • Size: 1,874 Livable Total + 489 Garage

  • Cost: Unknown

  • Schedule: Design: 02/2010 – 04/2011, Construction: 2011

  • Features: Passive Solar Design, Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Construction

ICF construction is used when the owners want an incredibly energy-efficient and sturdy building. This 2 bedroom, three bathroom house had energy efficiency in mind with its passive solar design orienting the large public space to the South. The largely glazed South-facing pop-out funnels the light into the whole house.