Crawford Residence Addition

  • Client: Sharon Crawford

  • Contractor: Good Oak Enterprises, Inc.

  • Location: Southside Downtown, Flagstaff, AZ

  • Type: Residential Addition

  • Size: 217 SF Additional Livable Space

  • Cost: Approximately $93,000

  • Schedule: Design: 05/2019 – 09/2019, Construction: 09/2019 – 08/2020

  • Features: Second floor integrated into existing structure for minimal disturbance. Worked within floor zone parameters.

217 sf bedroom & powder room second-floor addition to existing 1,264 sf two-bedroom one-bathroom single family residence in Southside Downtown Flagstaff.

0 Vision:
This bedroom & powder room addition was designed for a young family who needed more room for their kids in this existing single family residence in Southside Downtown Flagstaff. This small addition was much more complex than the end results reveal. The existing residence was not only a documented house in the registered historic Southside of Flagstaff, but it was also in the AE flood zone. With these restrictions in place, the new bedroom was designed to be on a new second level accessible from a new spiral staircase, maintaining the original building footprint.

1 Context:
Previous renovations had removed most of the historic traits of the remaining structure, so PWMA facilitated getting a Cultural Report to prove these findings and navigating the process to remove the house’s historic status. With only the flood issues to deal with, the design stayed within FEMA’s guidelines remaining inside the existing building footprint and keeping the construction budget under 50% of the existing structure’s assessed value.

2 Function
The existing residence had a North bump-out that was the owner’s preferred entrance to the home. It also housed the washer, dryer, and water heater tank. Since the floodplain restrictions didn’t allow for an expanded footprint at the same level as the existing house, this roughly 8′ by 9′ room got reorganized to fit a spiral staircase to the new second floor. The new floor footprint above consists of a 19 sf powder room, and a 157 sf bedroom with a large closet and desk nook. The new floor keeps the existing roof structure intact while defining and protecting the rear entry.

3 Aesthetics
The new second floor roof and windows were designed to match the existing structure to keep a similar aesthetic. Since the new floor is an obvious defined mass on the existing house, the exterior was covered in wood shake to contrast with the exiting stucco. The patched stucco areas were re-painted.

4 Construction
The construction of this addition had to be very skillful as new structure was designed to be integrated into the existing structure. The deck on the North side had to be disassembled in-part to allow for pouring new footings. The existing Northern pop-out received a new concrete slab-on-grade consistent with the existing house finished floor elevation.

5 Details
While the entrance at the North pop-out is actually the rear door, the owner usually comes and goes via that exit. In updating that area, we extended the second floor overhang all the way to the end of the pop-out, adding a covered section to the deck at the entry with some new overhead lighting.

The ability to fit a second floor in was based on the ability to fit in a space-saving spiral staircase into the pop-out. A 5′-0″ diameter staircase fit perfectly in the East corner. The space around the staircase was framed at the second level to become a powder room.

6 Materials
New exterior & interior walls were wood-framed. Engineered wood was used for the new second floor framing I-Joists & Versalam Beams. New windows matched the existing vinyl windows, and the asphalt shingle roof was continued in the new roof sections.

7 Structure
The second floor bedroom and powder room are supported by new wood columns located in existing first floor walls minimizing the disruptions to the floor plan below. These new columns received new concrete footings in the crawl-space below. I-Joist floor framing sits above existing ceiling framing, minimizing the disruptions to the existing structure. The new floor area also extends as large as possible without disturbing the existing pyramid hip roof framing, to keep within budget. New wood trusses complement the existing house roof lines.

8 Systems
The old laundry machine and dryer were upgraded to a stacked unit, and the old tank water heater was upgraded to a smaller and more efficient on-demand, to allow space for a spiral staircase. The owner also took the opportunity to change out the existing electric range to a gas range.