This is a 3000 sf home for a small family with passive solar design and an outdoor patio integrated with the Living Room. The home was built by the owner, who has his own construction company, Harmony Builders. Along its East-West axis, the Kitchen, Dining and Living core resides between a suite of Bedrooms and a Guest Bedroom wing. To the North is the Garage and to the South the home opens directly out to a very livable outdoor room, open to the sun and shielded by the two wings.

The magic of this home is in its balancing of Eastern and Western qualities. The exterior contemporary design with Craftsman and Prairie style influences blends beautifully in its natural setting. Low, horizontal lines and rich colors and textures are accented by heavy rough sawn wood beams. The surprise comes upon entering the home and finding oneself amidst delicate curved lines that evoke ancient Persian architecture. Soft intimate sensibilities sit safely among solid strong forms and spaces. It’s as if this home is comfortable with itself, modestly containing it’s inner mysteries.