Cain/Russell Custom Residence

  • Client: Mary Ann Cain & Dave Russell

  • Contractor: Unbuilt

  • Location: Roundtree Rd. Flagstaff, AZ

  • Type: Custom Residence

  • Size: 2,410 SF Livable + 912 SF Garage

  • Cost: Unbuilt

  • Schedule: Design: 05/2009 – 07/2011, Construction: Unbuilt

  • Features: Japanese elements: genkan, teahouse, soaking tub

The clients for this two story 2400 sf custom home requested numerous elements found in traditional Japanese homes. The entryway is a traditional genkan, which is a lowered foyer for the removal of shoes to keep the outside dirt in a contained, easily mopped area. There is a large patio in the back that has a small path leading to a modest teahouse. The master bathroom has a drop-in soaking tub with large window views out to a private garden. Wooden slat seating is built next to the tub for enjoying the humid room in a sauna-like setting. This home also has plenty of storage space to keep the rest of the home uncluttered. The long upstairs open loft terminates at a covered outside balcony that looks out at the home’s front entrance.